SRA Ventures Helps Local Aquatics Store Grow Its Business

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16th April 2016
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SRA Ventures Helps Local Aquatics Store Grow Its Business


Our tenant Darryle MacDonald, who runs Eden Aquatics on Gorgie Road in Edinburgh, has been so successful that he needs to expand the business to create a new fish room. Rather than move premises, SRA ventures worked closely with Darryle and agreed to provide assistance to help expand and renovate the current location. In return, Eden Aquatic agreed to extend their lease. It’s a win-win solution for both the tenant and SRA Ventures.

Eden Aquatics is one of the few places in the Edinburgh area that provides reptile and aquatic supplies for pet owners and has been Voted by readers of practical fishkeeping magazine as one of 40 best aquarist shops in the UK. They run a large store on Gorgie Road but also provide supplies online as well as give advice for people with exotic pets such as geckos and tropical fish.

Darryle MacDonald, the owner of Eden aquatics, has enjoyed working in partnership with SRA Ventures. He said: “Our business has been growing steadily over the last 3 years. We were looking to take it to the next level and needed to create a new fish room which involved either moving to bigger promises or renovating the current location.”

Darryle went and explained the situation to Susana Garcia to see what other premises the company had available. During their discussions, they came to the conclusion that moving thousands of live fish to a new warehouse or shop would be a logistical nightmare and was fraught with difficulty. They agreed that the way forward would be to rewire and re-plumb the premises to take the extra capacity for the expanded fish room. Since this was being done, the company decided to refit the shop as well.”

Darryle added: “Susana took all the hassle away from us. SRAV dealt with the contractors and allowed me to do what I do best which is running Scotland’s premier aquatics store. Even better, I talked them into buying a top of the range reef aquarium for their office along with a maintenance contract. The refit and the refurbishment at Eden Aquatics will give us a lot more retail space which will allow us to grow the business in other area’s such as dry goods and general pet products.”

It’s just an example of the way that SRA Ventures deals with tenants, working hard to find the right solutions that help businesses expand and deliver growth. SRAV COO, Susana Garcia said: “It was a pleasure to deal with Darryle and help find a solution that meant the fish weren’t going to be transported over large distances. Helping a customer like Eden Aquatic develop their business and expand their provision is key to our strategy of successful asset management. It works for Darryle and it works for us. And the fish are happier too.”

The location on Gorgie Road is just one of the quality site that SRAV deals with and we are looking to expand our portfolio over the next 5 years. It’s all about finding the right property and realising its future. In the case of Eden Aquatics that meant tying our capabilities in with Darryle’s vision for the future and providing a bold solution that made a big difference to both parties.
We are in the process of looking for serious offers for further investment and deliver industry leading introduction fees for those with a deal in the pipeline. Contact us today to find out more.

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